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Corporate Entertainment, Team Building & Away Days

Looking for a fun way to entertain and motivate your company staff team?  Look no further - Flat Caps & Ferrets©® is perfect for you.

Blue team in with a chance

Racing against the clock is just one aspect of this event.  Everyone will all have to demonstrate real team work to succeed.

Ferret racing provides a unique way to entertain and motivate staff, and our Flat Caps & Ferrets©® service is the market leader.

The activity begins with a short introduction into the art of ferret racing, with our Ferret Meister passing on top tips to the participating teams and individuals.  Once everyone is briefed, teams are allowed a few minutes to work out team tactics, and then the racing tubes are loaded with live ferrets.

The red team ferret emerges

As we bring a “business” (the collective noun for our mustelids) of 15-20 ferrets on every event, none of the ferrets are overworked, nor can anyone work out the animals’ individual foibles, all adding to the fun.

Teams can get extremely competitive on this activity, but they ignore the Ferret Meister’s advice at their peril.  To-date, the fastest time we have had for a team to complete this course is a staggering 13 seconds.  However, we have also needed to apply the 10 minute cut-off rule, too!

Anything can – and usually does! – happen in ferret racing!  Flat Caps & Ferrets©® is suitable for corporate team building and fun days.

Where is that ferret

We supply everything for this activity –

  • A 15-strong “business” of ferrets;
  • Racing pipes;
  • Starting traps;
  • Presenter/Trainer/Race Commentator;
  • Safety barriers;
  • A sense of humour!

We can also run our FERRET ROULETTE for team building.  This needs very little space, can be run indoors or outside and supplies loads of fun!


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