Flat Caps and Ferrets, Honeybank, Holestone Gate Road, Ashover, S45 0JS

Ferret Roulette

This is a great attraction that really is different.

Little space is needed for this activity, but it will generate much fun, amusement lots of interest and plenty of funds for your charity.

Ferret Roulette is available as a stand-alone or an extra with our ferret racing service – please ask for further details, costs etc.

In ferret roulette, a single ferret is placed in a special drum with six exits at the base, and guests bet on which exit the ferret will use.

The exits are colour coded, allowing guests to bet on which tube the ferret will exit from, allowing funds to be raised for your charity in a fun manner.

Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Our ferret roulette is ideally suited for venues with only a limited amount of space, and is available as a stand-alone or in conjunction with our ferret racing service.

If you are having our Ferret Roulette in addition to Flat Caps & Ferrets©® ferret racing, you will need to set aside extra space for this (approximately 2 metres X 2 metres).

In our ferret roulette, there are six exits from a special barrel, and each is coloured; only five of these tubes can be bet on, with the sixth being the “house tube”, and if the ferret exits from this, the house (i.e. your organisation/charitable cause) keeps all of the bets placed.

In order to give the best possible experience for you and your guests, we use an HD camera, projector and screen to let everyone see what’s happening inside the barrel. A mains socket must be available to us to enable this.