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Public Displays

Public/Fun/Have A Go Events

At country fairs, fetes and other events, ferret racing provides an attraction and a huge amount of interest combined with much FUN!

Ferret racing at Chatsworth - the start

We normally run ferret races every hour, and always bring a big enough “business” (the collective noun for ferrets) to allow races to continue throughout the event without over-working any of the animals.

We will train visitors to race the ferrets, allowing them to have-a-go on the day.  If the organiser wishes, we can give participants/winners a small prize/trophy/rosette.  

Throughout the event, the safety and welfare of ferrets and public is paramount.  All ferrets used for the event are “quiet” (tame) and, between races, are kept in suitable accommodation, where ample food, water, company and shelter are available.

Ferret racing at Chatsworth - under way

Every participant receives training in the art of being a “ferret jockey”.  It is the job of these ferret jockeys to encourage his/her ferret to move through the tubes to the end, in as little time as possible.  No physical contact is allowed with the ferret from the second it is placed in its own starting box, until the whole of the ferret (including tail tip) has emerged from the other end of the tubes.  Once the ferrets are released from their starting boxes, anything can happen. 

No-one can predict the outcome of a ferret race!

Everyone will enjoy ferret racing, and Flat Caps & Ferrets©® is the leader in this field, with a product and service which reflects the best in the sport, with quality equipment and a truly professional presentation.

Ferret racing at Chatsworth - the winner

Flat Caps & Ferrets©® is suitable for any event, no matter the size.  The service can be used for entertaining guests at game fairs, country shows, corporate entertainment events, or for fund-raising activities.  We are totally self-contained with our own tentage, safety barriers and PA system.  All we require from event organisers is adequate space.  Leave the rest to us……………………

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